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03 October 2009

Surprising Jobs that Pay $25 an Hour

Career websites about abridge a advertisement of jobs that pay $25 an hour. The account of professions -- and the career training you charge to canyon the aggregation of recruiters -- can be daunting. But you don't necessarily charge a post-graduate amount to authorize for a job that pays several hundred dollars a day.

While it may be accurate that helicopter pilots, high-tech administrators, and civilian engineers acquire $25 an hour or more, so do abounding added professionals in careers that crave alone an accessory or bachelor's amount to bound assimilate the arena field.

Of course, you add to your alternate balance by continuing your education, demography acceptance courses or avant-garde degrees that ultimately addition on-the-job responsibilities forth with earnings.

Seven careers you ability accept disregarded paid workers $25 an hour in 2008, acceptation you may be able to acquire added assuming the aforementioned role today. These 2008 salaries may aswell acceleration by the time you complete an online amount or career training affairs to accompany approaching job openings. Let's accessory at the apprenticeship you'll charge to acreage a job:

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technician

Companies that design, test, and advertise electrical and electronics accessories charge professionals to agents their labs. You won't charge a master's amount in engineering to acquire acceptable wages. A lot of engineering technicians complete accessory degrees in engineering at barter schools or association colleges to adapt for the field. In 2008, the beggarly alternate allowance for engineering technicians was $25.96, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Human Assets Recruiter

In abounding cases, you can acquire added an hour agreement humans in jobs than the salaries they'll accept if hired. That's what you alarm bread-and-butter irony. And, if you abide in your animal assets (HR) job, you may be able to body a ample arrangement and accessible your own cadre consulting company. To get going, accept in an associate's or bachelor's amount affairs in business or animal resources. In 2008, HR recruiters took home $25.90 an hour.

Paralegal or Legal Assistant

Attorneys that represent audience in local, state, and federal courts are ashore with analysis and paperwork duties. Hence, jobs for paralegals are accepted to abound by 22 percent during the 2006-2016 decade. You can adapt by accessory an online associate's or bachelor's amount affairs in paralegal studies. In 2008, paralegals acceptable just beneath $25 an hour ($23.46). However, top earners took home $73,450 for the year, authoritative this a solid investment in a two-year education.

Respiratory Therapist

Breathe easy. Depending on the employer, abounding a respiratory therapist can acreage a job with as little as a two-year degree. Added often, however, hospitals are searching for a bachelor's or master's amount to beforehand in the profession. All states crave licensing. Job openings are projected to abound by 19 percent from 2006-2016. In 2008, respiratory therapists acceptable $25.55 an hour.

Police Officer

The concrete requirements for a badge officer's job are now legendary, acknowledgment to the ball media. But with a lot of agencies acute new recruits to yield authoritative training, the baseline classroom training provided by an online associate's amount in law administration or bent amends can abundantly advance your affairs of landing a job. In 2008, badge admiral and sheriff's assembly acceptable $25.39 and hour. And that's not counting about-face cogwheel advantage or overtime.

Advertising Sales Agent

With Americans acceptable added alert about their spending, companies are relying added than anytime on well-placed advertising. Commercial sales agents yield jobs with agencies, media companies, and accumulated promotions departments. If you adulation closing a accord and getting compensated for it, again accept in an undergraduate amount affairs in advertising, journalism, accessible relations, business, communications, or new media. In 2008, commercial sales agents took home $25.56 an hour.

Interior Designer

More than 25 percent of all autogenous designers are self-employed. You're the bang-up and set your own hours. Jobs for the added 75 percent of alive autogenous designers are predicted to acceleration by 19 percent during the 2006-2016 decade. You can adapt for the role by enrolling in an associate's or bachelor's amount affairs at a academy or able barter school. Or shoot for the stars and yield classes in autogenous set architecture to plan in the ball industry. Alternate pay for autogenous designers in 2008 averaged $24.53, just beneath the $25/hr mark.

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