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24 June 2010

Bob Fosse | nick en simon

bobRobert Louis "Bob" Fosse in its heyday June 23, 1927 - September 23, 1987 a person who has talents in various fields of art among the American dancers, musical theater choreographer, director, screenwriter and film director. He won eight Tony Awards that has never happened before for choreography, as well as one for direction. He was also nominated for four Academy Awards, for his direction of Cabaret. He preached closely with his third wife, Broadway star Gwen Verdon dancing. He combined between dancer / collaborator / inspiration to anyone who likes to be choreography, today many of his works which is applied by the dancer / choreographer.

Anyone who takes jazz class must know about the great Bob Fosse kick (it all started when I started looking for inspiration for new routines beatnik, a pet project). Well, not the 1970's "Spirit Fingers" Fosse, Fosse in 1950 but the manner of a cold.

If you are interested in the work of Bob Fosse, who set her choreography in "The Game pajamas," "White Christmas" and "Sweet Charity,". Among others to make a biography of his life, check to see Roy Scheider and Fosse in "All That Jazz."

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